The Dojo Manager was built with simplicity and ease of use as it’s primary focus.  All of the features listed are optional, use and value of the system is completely dependent on how the application fits your needs best.  We believe that the most important thing a dojo manager can track is who owes you how much, we we feel that The Dojo Manager does that with the minimum information required. We at The Dojo Manager are very responsive to features requested by our users.  It’s you who are in the trenches, and need help where you need it.  We've implemented features within hours of users suggesting them, we feel that community feedback is the heart and life of The Dojo Manager.

The benefits of a web based application:

  • All your data is stored securely online.
  • Backups are done for you, you never need to worry about a computer crashing and loosing your data.
  • Access your data from anywhere you have an Internet connection, even from your iPhone!
  • Application upgrades are automatic, no download or installs needed.
  • No worrying about system configuration, or concerns about “will this run on my computer”.
  • No installation required EVER.  You never need to worry about loosing your “installation disk” after buying a new, or upgrading your existing computer.
  • Multiple users can access the same data, and work with the most recent data.

Student tracking:

  • Easily enter transactions for tracking how much students owe you for products and services.
  • Track hours toward a belt or rank.
  • Keep track of student ranking, when they received their rank and who authorized it.
  • Simple printable invoices.
  • Printable rank report, for full rank history.
  • Track when the students last attended class, for follow-up if they haven’t attended recently.
  • Track multiple locations, and report student levels at each location.
  • Inactive students DO NOT count toward your monthly bill, easily reactivate them when they return to class, without loosing any of their information.
  • Add a photo for each student, for easy name-to-face reference.


  • Simple transaction tracking.
  • Track what each student owes you for a product or service.
  • Easily review student balances, and identify delinquent accounts.
  • Download to a spreadsheet for detailed analysis.
  • Add the same charge to multiple students with a single entry (bulk transactions).

Styles and Location:

  • Track multiple styles and ranking system for those styles.
  • Track multiple locations.

Testing and Event Planing:

  • Plan testings, with which students will be testing, and for which rank
  • Plan events like demos and parties. Track which students will be attending.
  • Get a full report on every event, to easily see who is attending.

Lead Tracking:

  • Easy to use lead tracking.
  • Track visitors and leads or follow-up.
  • Easy reference to dates of last contact.


  • Generate reports for Locations and Styles
  • Get a list of all your students in an easily referenced list.
  • Generate a full list of all transactions for your dojo.


  • Quickly and easily reference your Dojo’s information.
  • Add Transactions to a student directly from the dashboard.
  • View leads that need to be contacted.
  • Quickly reference when student dues expire.
  • View overdue accounts.

Mobile Site

  • Check Student Accounts
  • Add Transactions
  • List event attendees