Larry West created images of the natural world for more than fifty years. His artistic vision, technical mastery and beep knowledge of natural history stood at the core of his distinctive, innovative style.

He was a pioneer who helped shape modern nature photography though his images, his exploration of photographic techniques and his teaching. He was also a leading advocate of "environmentally friendly" photography emphasizing concern and care for the environment and wildlife.

Larry enjoyed teaching photography as much as he enjoyed making photographs. He photographed, and taught, with the heart of a poet, the eye of a naturalist, a craftsman's attention to detail and the enthusiasm of someone doing what he truly loved.

Larry's images and how-to articles have appeared in virtually every natural-history oriented magazine including Audubon, Birder's World, International Wildlife, Modern Photography, Notional Wildlife, National Geographic, Natural History, Nikon World, Ranger Rick and the Living Bird Quarterly.

Larry was survived by his wife Bonnie, Daughter Jennifer, Son Jeff, and 2 grandchildren Zach and Kaitlynn. 

He passed peacefully in his bed December 14, 2015.

In times like this we often feel it's important to do something. Birds and the natural world was what Larry lived for. If you would like we've provided a convenient link to the Audubon Society donation page.

Larry with be missed by many, but live on through many more. Through his family, his books, his teaching and most of all his amazing and beautiful photographs.

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