We've added parent first and last names to the student data

parent names
parent names

Just like you're training, we're getting a little better all the time. We've added parent first and last name, as well as a special little checkbox that will tell the program to use the parents name on any email instead of the students name. The will greatly improve the email system.

As another option, you can create the parent as a "student", if the family is under one plan (since we don't charge per student :)

Student ID field has been added

Just a quick note to let everyone know. We've

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added a student ID field. The ID field can be used to track students that have the same name. You'll find if next to the gender selection. When you put an ID on a student, it will also show up in the title for that student on the main student page.


Just a few updates

Got a few minor updates done this week.

  • You can now attended date to automatically update when you increment hours for a rank level.
    • The logic being, if you're taking attendance (either before or after class), as you're updating the progress toward a students next rank, the last attended date should also be updated. You'll find this setting on the "My Account" tab, with the label "Set Last Attended Automatically:"
  • Manually set the last attended date, when changing it on the bulk update screen.
  • Fixed tab order, when adding students.
    • it no longer tabs to the image upload, it now tabs the fields as you would expect

Link to students accounts and paypal integration.

We finally integrated Paypal into the system. You can now send a link to your students (each student has their own unique link), where they can check their account balance, and pay their account via Paypal.

We realize sending every student an email with their unique link will be a burden, but we are still working on the infrastructure for the email system.

Automated email generation is on the roadmap for the future, we're just not there quite yet. Check out the video for detailed instructions on how to use the paypal integration.

Disclaimer: All we do is provide a link to your Paypal account, we are not responsible for any monetary exchanges.

Working on Globalization


Things might be a little quiet around here for a while. We're going to start working on globalization, a least for the dates. We realize it is terribly annoying for our international clients to have the mm/dd/yyyy format instead of dd/mm/yyyy

Unfortunately, the original design of the system did little to account for this, and much of the system needs to be ripped out and rebuilt. This might take a while, but we believe it's an important step in the progress of the system. Thanks to all our international clients and their patience while we work on this.

What? Another new feature. Yup, dig it.


We're rockin' out the features.

OK, it's not a big feature, but I think it'll get used a lot. We've added a checkbox to the form where transactions get entered titled "This Payment Due Has Been Paid". Checking this box will enter 2 transactions, one for the amount due, and one for the same amount marked as paid.

Paul from White Rock Kenshin Kan asked for this, as he wanted to track all the transactions from his students, not just the amounts that are outstanding. Good idea!