Great promotional idea, and a win-win for the community

I pulled this quote:

"There will be a moon bounce, food, raffles, games, and demonstrations by leadership students from the Taekwondo academy. All money from sales of food, raffles, and contributions will be donated to The Valerie Fund.

At the end of the event, students will compete to do as many kicks as they can in one minute; they have been soliciting sponsors who are willing to contribute to the charity on a per-kick or flat basis. Students who are top contributors to the organizations will be able to earn prizes such as gift cards and video games.

All participants and attendants will receive a complimentary 30 days free of martial arts. Local businesses can contact office manager, Lauren Botnick, at 908-237-2826 to donate to or provide support to the event."

From here:

What a great idea for promoting your school and helping the community at the same time.